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Video: NPA || National Procurement Authority

Дата публикации: 2017-04-30 10:17


Loud blast in Ministry of Defense (Afghanistan): Sources

MoD Floats Repeat Tender For Homemade PINAKA Rocket Launchers Valued At $2b

Afghan Defense minister, army chief of staff resign

Afghanistans defence minister resigns over attack, as Mattis flies in

Afghan defence ministry on Mansour strike

Suicide bombing at Afghan Ministry of Defense kills at least 12

Afghanistan Ministry of Defense Self Sufficiency in Consuming Local Products

Ministry of Defence

Only Bullet Proof Helmets Aren’t Enough, Here Are India’s Ageing Weapons That Must Be Replaced

Policy On Private Sector’s Role In Defence Production Soon

Defence Ministry scraps Rs 6,500 crore Navy helicopter deal, bargains hard on price

Afghanistan Defense Ministry confirmed that Musa Qala is still under Taliban’s control

Afghan Defence Minister and army chief resign following deadly Taliban attack

Suicide Bomber Attacks Afghan Defense Ministry Compound

Two explosions near Afghan Defense Ministry rock Kabul (05 Sep, 2016)

Austria Prefers Govt-To-Govt Deal Over Tendering For Fighter Aircraft Lease

Defence minister on Afghan troop build-up

Afghan defence minister, army chief resign after Taliban attack